Salvation House

At a lovely summer night in Esposende I saw this awesome reflex. I picked up my tripod my camera and start to shoot. The building in the picture is a salvation house, where you could find in old days emergency services for fishermen. I guess this would be what we call now Coast Guard.


This photo was taken in Vila do Conde at the Capela do Socorro. It was a sunny day and I was teaching some photograph techniques to a friend of mine, Ana Igreja.


I saw this boat floating alone in the water and thought how lonely must it be to sit there for days in a row.


At the afternoon of another great day at Esposende I saw this lovely sunset and took a couple photos. Later on I took one of my favourites photos the Salvation House.

Boats Platforms

Night, Esposende is so beautiful. I love the city, so piece and quiet. You should pay them a visit.

Do not pass!

What a lovely sign. It reminds me the passage to a secret place as it goes all way from light till the darkness. Is it? I will never know as I was not allowed to pass.


Night, summer. Suddenly a bright light in the distance. A lighthouse. I was right at the Salvation House when I took the picture.

Beach at night

Another view of the beach at Praia dos Beijinhos. You may say this is the continue of another post.

Eça de Queirós

In the center of the city of Póvoa de Varzim there is a statue to one of the great Portuguese writers, Eça de Queirós.


Once in a while I walk around looking for awkward things to shoot a photo. One of these days I looked up and there it was a seagull looking for something. She was flying in circles in the sky. It was took in Póvoa de Varzim on a winter day.